Yes, your data is secure. We have given this a lot of consideration. There are two possible connections that could be interesting to attackers:

  1. The connection between the ThermoSmart and the database; and
  2. The connection between the database and the portal.

Both connections go over the internet and we encrypt all data with a strong encryption algorithm. It is literally impossible to hack this connection. Financial institutes and other such companies rely on this algorithm every day. We are no exception!

It all comes down to the strength of the password you choose as a user. As long as your password is secret, your data is safe. The passwords are saved in our system in an encrypted form. It is recommended to choose a strong password (so use a combination of punctuation marks, numbers and letters) and to change it regularly.

The disadvantage of this encrypted data is that we can never send you your password if you forget it. If that happens, you will need to create a new password.