The status LED on the ThermoSmart can give the following signals:


Red light:

  • The LED occasionally lights up in red.
  • The boiler is now heating your home (so it’s running).
  • If you set a higher temperature (with a smartphone, laptop or on the ThermoSmart) the LED will light up red once.

Blue light:

If you set a lower temperature (with a smartphone laptop or on the ThermoSmart), the LED will light up blue once.

Flashing white:

The status LED flashes white if there is no connection between the ThermoSmart at home and the ThermoSmart server for longer than one minute. This usually means the Wi-Fi connection is broken. This happens if your modem is off, for example. As soon as you switch your modem on again, the Wi-Fi connection should restore itself.


If you have changed the password of your modem, you must reset your Wi-Fi connection. You can find out how to do that here.


There may also be a problem with your provider. In that case, you will also be unable to use the internet or retrieve e-mails.


If you have not changed anything on your Wi-Fi network and you can use the internet but your ThermoSmart is offline, then you are best unplugging the ThermoSmart by taking it off the wall and then putting it back again. The Wi-Fi connection should restore itself.