To install the ThermoSmart use a computer, laptop or tablet (therefore wireless) that is already connected to the local Wi-Fi network.
Furthermore, you need: a small screwdriver and plyers to cut the wire of your central heating boiler.
Consult the ThermoSmart online installation wizard on There is smart technology lurking behind this simple step by step plan, which effortlessly connects the ThermoSmart to the local Wi-Fi network. If you lose your internet connection for a moment, because this online application is connecting your ThermoSmart to your local Wi-Fi network, consult the internet using a different online computer. It can take up to three minutes to find the network.
Take note: If you are using a computer with Windows 8.1 or 10 during installation, then you need an additional program at step 22. This step is also described in the instructions. Unfortunately, Android is not suitable for connecting the ThermoSmart online because you cannot use it to establish an Ad Hoc network.