When creating a Wi-Fi connection between the ThermoSmart and your home network, your home network may not appear in the list.


Another problem that can occur is that the button” Scan for networks” remains grey. This means you cannot select a network from the list.


  1. The solution is to refresh the page (F5 in Windows, CMD+R on OSX). You will then see two buttons “Scan for networks” and “Other network”. Select “Other network”. 
  2. In the following screen, choose from the options for “Infrastructure”. You can now enter the name of your home network. TAKE NOTE: you must enter the exact name of your network, so using the correct combination of capitals and lower case letters. 
  3. For security select "WPA/WPA2 Passphrase". Once you press “Join” you will be asked to enter your network password. Once you have entered the correct password and click on “OK” your ThermoSmart will connect to your network.