What do the touch buttons on the ThermoSmart do?
‘i’ button
press 1 x for the current outdoor temperature
press 2 x to request the current program

Pause button
You can use this to pause the ThermoSmart. All manual settings and the program are then paused. The only thing the ThermoSmart will do is maintain the programmed basic temperature. 

You can see the ThermoSmart is on pause by the symbol of a house with an arrow alongside the display.

The pause setting remains effective until this is manually (on the ThermoSmart app/portal) stopped. Once you have stopped the pause setting the ThermoSmart will automatically return to the current block in your schedule.

Arrow up, arrow down
You can use these two buttons to adjust the temperature of the current time block. This manual setting is no longer valid when the next time block is reached.

Reset button
If you briefly press the reset button, the ThermoSmart will display the network name (SSID) and the IP address with which the ThermoSmart is connected.
If you press the reset button for longer than three seconds, it resets the Wi-Fi connection. You then lose all Wi-Fi settings and have to reset them via