If your boiler doesn’t come on when it should (the status LED on the ThermoSmart is red) then the best option is to disconnect the boiler interface from the power. If the boiler then turns on again it may mean the interface was jammed.

Tips to prevent disruptions:

  • Use the adapter provided by us. This is very important. We have selected the adapter with care. Other adaptors may generate more disruptions than ours does.
  • Do NOT place the boiler interface in the boiler, it looks nice but boilers produce interference when igniting the automatic ignition.
  • It is preferable to connect the adapter to a different power group than the central heating boiler. Then the boiler cannot pass on interference to the adapter and boiler interface as easily.
  • Make sure the distance between the power cable of the central heating boiler and the wires to the thermostat is at least 10 cm.
  • Try to prevent parallel wiring to the boiler and thermostat; many people try to hide away all wires in one PVC pipe for example. That is neat and tidy but interference can easily be passed on to the thermostat. Crossed wires do not cause a problem.