You can calibrate the ThermoSmart for example if:

  • You have a thermometer hanging up and you want the Thermostat to display the same value.
  • You think the room is a different temperature than indicated on the ThermoSmart.

You calibrate it using the portal. On the page “My settings”, you can find the option “Temperature calibration”.

You can enter a value in the input field. What should you enter?

  • If your thermometer displays a lower value than the ThermoSmart, then you enter a negative difference in the field. For example: your thermometer shows 20 and the Thermostat displays 21, you enter a -1 in “Temperature calibration”.
  • If your thermometer displays a higher temperature than your ThermoSmart, fill in a positive difference in the field. For example, the thermometer shows 21 and the ThermoSmart 20 then fill in 1 at “Temperature calibration”.