We can draw up an energy report from your data. This provides an insight into your use. Which data do we display and how is it complied?



The e-mail contains a graph. The graph for OpenTherm is as follows:

The graph for the On/Off system is as follows:

Relative energy use


The graph shows the relative amount of energy your central heating installation has used. For central heating boilers this is the relative gas consumption, for district heating that is the relative energy use in Joules.


We determine the relative energy use by adding together the times when the boiler is on. That is fairly simple for On/Off systems; on is 100% on and off is completely off. It is not as simple with OpenTherm as the boiler can also burn at 20, 36 or 78%. That is why with OpenTherm we calculate everything based on 100%, for example:

60 seconds at 50% is calculated at 30 seconds at 100%, 5 minutes at 20% is calculated as 1 minute at 100%.




These calculations are for the heating and tap water. For On/Off systems, we do not know whether or how long the boiler was running for tap water. That is why tap water is not included in the graph.



How much gas is that?


ThermoSmart cannot calculate how many cubic meters (m³) of gas or Joules are used. We do not have (enough) data for that, such as:

We do not have a connection with a smart metre so we don’t know how much gas or how many Joules have been used.

Gas can be used for other purposes than just cooking (if you cook on gas that is an average of 5%).

Gas consumption at 50% modulation is not necessarily the same as half of 100% modulation.

Although, we currently assume that.


What can you do with the data?


With the relative energy use, you can compare various days or weeks. You can see, for example what happens if you shower for longer or shorter than usual in the morning, or if you don’t switch on the heating one evening. You can also see the effect the weather has on energy consumption.


If you save the energy reports and you know your gas consumption, you can evaluate your use after a year. You can see whether you use a lot or little energy for heating or for tap water. Look on the internet to see what you can expect.




The graph we send you is based completely on your data. The number at the bottom of the graph is an encryption of the Hardware ID of your ThermoSmart. If third parties get hold of the graph or the data they cannot trace it back to your ThermoSmart.  


If you no longer wish to receive the energy report, you can switch it off on the portal. Just untick the box next to “Keep me updated with the latest news”.